Bone mineral density across puberty stage among HIV-infected adolescents receiving antiretroviral therapy

Study ID: HIV-NAT080.4/TApHOD Bone density substudy
This is a cross-sectional study to assess the changes of the bone mass among HIV-infected adolescents and effects of calcium and vitamin D supplementation
Status: at the time of writing this, this study is in the process of closing with IRB
Target/Enrolled: 50/47

Efficacy and safety evaluation of TDF-based regimen in Thai HIV-infected children

Study ID: HIV-NAT133/TDF Long-Term Study
Prospective, open-label, treatment cohort to determine the efficacy of TDF-based regimen in HIV-infected Thai children
Status: Closed August 2013
Target/Enrolled: 35/35

Multidisciplinary services to enhance HIV testing and linkage to care among MSM

Study ID: HIV-NAT148
This is a prospective cohort study that will assess VCT and linkage into care, as well as HIV risk behavior and need for nPEP, and the incidence or prevalence of important morbidities in MSM such as STIs, anal dysplasia/cancer, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.
Status: Ongoing
Target/Enrolled: 179/179
Collaborator: TRCARC; Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia; and Udayana University & Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Pharmaceutical Equivalence Drugs Assessment-I (PEDA-I): Assess the pharmaceutical equivalence of generic antiretrovirals distributed in Thailand

Study ID: HIV-NAT201/PEDA-1
This study will assess the pharmaceutical equivalence of generic antiretroviral drugs (i.e., TDF, EFV and LPV/r) distributed from different sources in Thailand. Our goal is to ensure that they are within acceptable standard regarding identity, active ingredient, weight uniformity and dissolution properties. We plan to set up a system for independent drug assessment program, which could be expanded beyond ARVs for the country.
Status: Will close in Dec 2015
Target/Enrolled: 10 sites from official sources and 5 sites from unofficial sources

Thailand HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Clinical Trials Unit (Thai CTU)

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre (TRCARC) HIV Treatment Clinical Research Site operates under the Thai CTU. This allows HIV-NAT access to ACTG therapeutic trials which are known to be cutting edge studies.
Status: Ongoing
Collaborator: RIHES

This study will assess the quantitative and qualitative data to address interventions and policies to promote a HIV testing campaign targeted to high risk BKK MSM

Status: Will close in Dec 2015
Target/Enrolled: 500/499
Collaborator: Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic, Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand (RSAT), The Service Workers In Group Foundation (SWING), and Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh

Trial to evaluate neurocognitive functions, neuropsychiatric changes and activities of daily living among HIV infected patients in the Cohort HIV-NAT 006 study

Study ID: HIV-NAT166/HANDS Study
This is a cross-sectional study to assess the long-term neurocognitive functions.
Status: Closed to recruitment. Ongoing. Data is being analyzed.
Target/Enrolled: 1300/335
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