European HIV Clinical Forum 2021

Event type: Virtual Meeting
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Event date: 24-25 May 2021
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The European HIV Clinical Forum 2021 provides an independent scientific program involving the world’s leading experts and is specifically designed for European HIV healthcare professionals and focuses on optimizing treatment for their patients. 

This program will feature challenging plenary lectures followed by ample time for Q&A and debate, stimulating interaction, and the sharing of knowledge within the HIV-treating community in Europe. The program will include virtual networking opportunities for community building; thus, providing delegates with the unique opportunity to meet their colleagues in a focused and scientific setting.

The HIV Clinical Forum is a series of interactive programs that provide an independent scientific program on emerging topics in HIV, involving experts where HIV clinicians and allied healthcare professionals receive updates on the latest developments related to HIV management, where they can share their clinical experience, and present results from their ongoing and completed cohorts/ research programs.

Furthermore, the HIV Clinical Forum provides an educational setting where healthcare professionals can acquire specific skills that will enhance their capabilities to interpret research results and even develop new research projects.