“You are not alone: for the same world we share” art exhibition, TRC-ARC exhibition, and education program

Once again, the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre is delighted to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to increase awareness on HIV/AIDS and reduce discrimination toward people living with HIV. The ArtAids Foundation and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre present “You are not alone: for the same world we share,” the contemporary art exhibition to promote knowledge and understanding on HIV/AIDS through the works of sixteen Thai and international contemporary artists on the 9th floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from 16 March – 20 May 2012. During the same period, the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre has an exhibition on its work including the Art for Medical Miracles event organized by the HIV-NAT subunit and paintings by children under the Children and Youth Program that is operated by the HIV-NAT and SEARCH units. The TRC-ARC exhibition is located on the 3rd floor of the BACC.

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre through the HIV-NAT subunit also collaborates with the ArtAids Foundation and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in creating an educational program that will take place throughout March 2012. The educational program is based on both clinical and social reality in order to form a public understanding and also provide the different perspectives which improve the livability of those who are affected by AIDS.

The details on the education program are as follows:

Panel discussion o the topic “AIDS: a trend that is never OUT”

  • AIDS remains in society and continues to affect the lives of Thai people
  • Today’s lifestyle trends
  • Myths and Misunderstandings about HIV and people with HIV
  • Risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, in today’s urban lifestyle
  • How to lead a happy, creative, and safe life
  • Each participant’s personal perceptions of HIV and experiences with HIV infected people.

Schedule: Saturday 17th March 2012, 2.30 – 4.00pm
Location: 9th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

  • Lula Kanyarat Tiyapornchai (regarded as the first female Bossanova singer in Thailand. From her music of sweet husky voice expressing tender and uplifting emotions…what does she have to say about HIV/AIDS?)
  • Ohm Phanpiroj (artist in You Are Not Alone exhibition, his photography and film works acutely explore uncomfortably-defined groups of society. Internationally exhibited, along with photography books under his name, heis currently lecturing at Bangkok University)
  • Wasana Sathianthammawit (Professional Nurse STIs/HIV counseling and care, Men’s Health Clinic, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center)

Animation: My Happiness

  • 3 parts-story of a girl who is born with HIV: childhood, adolescent, and working age/family. Each part illustrates the emotions and life essentials of an HIV infected person at different ages.
  • Show that an HIV infected person has feelings and needs just like other people in society. HIV infected people are capable in leading a happy and healthy life.
  • Promote an understanding and acceptance within the public in living together with people with HIV.

Schedule: Release on 16thMarch, 2012 (gradual release of the 3 parts)
Location: Online social media, BACC’s website and Facebook site, Thai Red Cross’ online links, etc.
Animator: –

Community workshop: knowledge and creative activity on HIV topics

  • Participants of 12-17 years old and other community members
  • Give information about HIV and conduct an art workshop to promote the idea of living together
    1. HIV-NAT team gives information about HIV: risks, preventions, myths & misunderstandings, and living together with HIV, etc.
    2. Artist, Wednesday Friends Club, and HIV-NAT team lead an art workshop to promote understanding and living together: filming of “Touring My Neighborhood” and create wearable postcards for a friend.

Schedule: Sunday 25th March, 2012, 10am – 2pm
Location: Klong Lord community, Sake lane
Team: Artist (NiwatManatpiyalert), HIV-Nat, Wednesday Friend’s Club

BACC workshop: knowledge and creative activity on HIV topics

  • Participants: BACC’s visitors
  • This activity aims to educate and foster an understanding of HIV, and promotes living together through shared creative experience.
    1. HIV-NAT team gives out information on HIV.
    2. Artist, Wednesday Friends Club, and HIV-NAT team lead the activity: make textile flowers to install onto a globe sculpture that will be exhibited throughout the exhibition.

Schedule: Saturday, 31st March 2012, 2 – 4.30pm
Location: 5th floor, BACC
Team: Artist (NiwatManatpiyalert), HIV-NAT, Wednesday Friend’s Club

Mobile Clinic

  • Giving out of information on HIV, blood testing service, counseling service, etc.

Schedule: Saturday, 31st March 2012, 11am – 5pm
Location: 5th floor, BACC
Team: HIV-NAT, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center

For a Thai version of the education program please click here.