Optimization of reproductive health care for female adolescents living with HIV

Project no.: HIV-NAT 176 (Reproductive health in HIV-infected adolescents)

This is a prospective cohort study that will be used to create a model of reproductive health services for HIV-positive female adolescents in Asia.

Results: Young HIV+ people are sexually active or anticipate becoming so in the future. Need of comprehensive and individually tailored RH service. There is substantial, and continuously growing, scientific knowledge on RH issues; however, the medical model alone cannot answer the complex needs of this target group. Need of integration of service – clinical care + RH service + psychosocial support. In about 20 years the number of HIV+ adolescents is expected to start declining.

Low number of HIV+ adolescents/health facility. Health education on RH issues and safe sex practices at the pediatric department with standardized tools is very much appreciated. The service can be improved by using better the existing structure of family planning clinics in Thailand; improve communication between pediatric and FP departments. Long acting reversible contraception together with condoms seems to provide the most reliable protection from unintended pregnancy and STI/HIV transmission.