Study providing continued access to treatment with Darunavir (DRV)/Ritonavir (RTV) for adults coming from any of the three ongoing Tibotec-Sponsored studies with DRV

Project no.: HIV-NAT 160/TMC114IFD3001 (NCT01281813)

The primary objective of this trial is to continue the provision of DRV/RTV to adult patients who have completed treatment with DRV/RTV in the clinical trials TMC114-C211, TMC114-C214, or TMC114-TiDP31-C229, sponsored by Tibotec Pharmaceuticals, who continue to benefit from the use of DRV/RTV, and who live in a country where DRV is not commercially available, is not reimbursed, or cannot be accessed through another source (eg, access program, government program).