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Nov 18, 2016 | TRCARC, Bangkok
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J.M. Baeten, T. Palanee‑Phillips, E.R. Brown, K. Schwartz, L.E. Soto‑Torres, V. Govender, N.M. Mgodi, F. Matovu Kiweewa, G. Nair, F. Mhlanga, S. Siva, L.-G. Bekker, N. Jeenarain, Z. Gaffoor, F. Martinson, B. Makanani, A. Pather, L. Naidoo, M. Husnik, B.A. Richardson, U.M. Parikh, J.W. Mellors, M.A. Marzinke, C.W. Hendrix, A. van der Straten, G. Ramjee, Z.M. Chirenje, C. Nakabiito, T.E. Taha, J. Jones, A. Mayo, R. Scheckter, J. Berthiaume, E. Livant, C. Jacobson, P. Ndase, R. White, K. Patterson, D. Germuga, B. Galaska, K. Bunge, D. Singh, D.W. Szydlo, E.T. Montgomery, B.S. Mensch, K. Torjesen, C.I. Grossman, N. Chakhtoura, A. Nel, Z. Rosenberg, I. McGowan, and S. Hillier, for the MTN-020–ASPIRE Study Team. Use of a Vaginal Ring Containing Dapivirine for HIV-1 Prevention in Women. The new england journal of medicine. Feb 22, 2016. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1506110.
Vaginal ring containing HIV drug dapivirine can significantly reduce HIV infection in more than half of the African women older than 21 years. Adherence improves with time as the women gets used to having the ring inside of them. It was found that older women had better adherence.
Sex & Teens Video Clip
The 3D animation video clip for children more than 10 years old. The video clip will teach about how to safe sex, prevent pregnancy before adult, and prevent the sexually transmitted diseases.
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