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DAIDS Policies and SOPs training
October 6, 2017 | HIV-NAT, Bangkok
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Audsley J, Bent SJ, Littlejohn M, Avihingsanon A, Matthews G, Bowden S, Bayliss J, Luciani F, Yuen L, Fairley CK, Locarnini S, Lewin SR, Sasadeusz J. Effects of long-term tenofovir-based cART in HIV-HBV co-infection on persistent HBV viremia and the role of HBV quasispecies diversity. AIDS. 2016 Jun 19;30(10):1597-1606.
Sex & Teens Video Clip
The 3D animation video clip for children more than 10 years old. The video clip will teach about how to safe sex, prevent pregnancy before adult, and prevent the sexually transmitted diseases.
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June 4, 2018 Assistant Nurse One (1) Full time Not specify
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June 4, 2018 Biostatistician Two (2) Full time Not specify
June 4, 2018 CRA Assistant One (1) Full time Not specify
June 4, 2018 Medical Technologist One (1) Full time Not specify
June 4, 2018 Study Nurse Three (3) Full time Not specify
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