Virtual 11th IAS Conference on HIV Science held on July 18-21, 2021

  1. Lwin H, Sophonphan J, Apornpong T, Gatechompol S, Ueaphongsukkit T, Han WM, Ubolyam S, Kerr SJ, Phanuphak P, Avihingsanon A. The VACS index predicts five year mortality among people living with HIV In Thailand. (poster)
  2. Wansom T, Thongmee A, Chittmittrapap S, Saraporn T, Hasuwannakit S, Waeuseng S, Wanavanakorn K, ChotirosniramitN, Intharabut B, Teuansiri R, Kulprayong K, Waesateh A, Lawseng S, Chumwangwapee T, Pattarasuteewong S, Pinyosinwat T, Wongsuwon C, Ngammee V, Phueakchai S, Lawpoolsri S, Mills S, Creac’H P, Jourdain G, Avihingsanon A, Phanuphak N, Durier N. High HCV cure rates in C-FREE, first community-based study offering testing and treatment of viral hepatitis and HIV among people who use drugs and their partners in Thailand (oral presentation)
  3. Hiransuthikul A, Chutinet A, Sophonphan J, Ubolyam S, Ruxrungtham K, AvihingsanonA and HIV-NAT 006 study team. Incidence and risk factors of ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack among Thai HIV-infected individuals: a longitudinal cohort study (poster)
  4. Ubolyam S, Plakunmonthon S, Sophonphan J, Eiamyoung P, Darodom T, Mahanontharit A, Gatechompol S, Ueaphongsukkit T, Avihingsanon A. The point of care device needed for confirming active hepatitis C infection in the prison population (oral presentation)
  5. Han WM, Law MG, Choi JY, Ditangco R, Kumarasamy N, Chaiwarith R, Ly PS, Khusuwan S, MeratiTP, Do CD, Yunihastuti E, Azwa I, Lee M, Pham TN, Chan Y, Kiertiburanakul S, Ng OT, Tanuma J, Pujari S, Zhang F, Gani Y, Mave V, Ross J, Avihingsanon A, on behalf of the TREAT Asia HIV Observational Database of IeDEA Asia-Pacific. Weight changes, metabolic syndrome, and its relationship with all-cause mortality in persons living with HIV. (poster)
  6. KhuonD, RupasingheD, SaphonnV, KwongT, WidhaniA, ChaiwarithR, LyPS, DoCD, AvihingsanonA, KhusuwanS, MeratiTP, PhamTN, KumarasamyN, ChanY, AzwaI, NGOT, KiertiburanakulS, TanumaJ, PujariS, DitangcoR, ZhangF, ChoiJY, GaniY, SangleS, RossJ, GorbachP, and JiamsakulA, on behalf of IeDEA Asia-Pacific. BMI as a predictor of high fasting blood glucose among people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific region. (poster A-IAS2021-00669)
  7. Rupasinghe D, Choi JY, Kumarasamy N, Pujari S, Ly PS, Merati TP, Lee MP, Pham TN, Kiertiburanakul S, Do CD, Avihingsanon A, Ross J, and Jiamsakul A. Viral hepatitis cascade of care among adults living with HIV in Asia-Pacific. (oral presentation)