Investigation of specific immune response pattern in persons with active tuberculosis before and after receiving anti-tuberculous therapy

Project no.: TB Immunology (TB NRU substudy)

This study will evaluate the performance of the CD25/CD134 co-expression assay in detecting recall response to TB antigens in persons with active TB diagnosed by positive sputum sample on the Xpert MTB/RIF assay, investigate TB specific effector and TB specific regulatory response before and after TB treatment in participants with active TB, and compare TB specific effector and TB specific regulatory responses between cases of active and latent TB

Results are published:

In short, our study is the first real-life cohort in high TB burden countries and outside Africa region, using Xpert MTB/RIF for early diagnosis of pulmonary TB (PTB) and rifampicin resistance. Our prospective results may be beneficial for guiding the policy makers, the National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) while implementing Xpert MTB/RIF test throughout the whole country.

Kawkitinarong K, Suwanpimolkul G, Kateruttanakul P, Manosuthi W, Ubolyam S, Sophonphan J, Avihingsanon A, Ruxrungtham K. Real-Life Clinical Practice of Using the Xpert MTB/RIF Assay in Thailand. Clin Infect Dis. 2017 May 15;64(suppl_2):S171-S178. doi: 10.1093/cid/cix151.

The findings from this study suggest the possible use of the urine LAM test with the AFB smear and culture in resource-limited countries in diagnosing TB in advanced HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients with disseminated TB. This promising diagnostic tool can increase the yield of TB diagnosis and predict the mortality rate of TB infection, particularly in advanced HIV patients.

Suwanpimolkul G, Kawkitinarong K, Manosuthi W, Sophonphan J, Gatechompol S, Ohata PJ, Ubolyam S, Iampornsin T, Katerattanakul P, Avihingsanon A, Ruxrungtham K. Utility of urine lipoarabinomannan (LAM) in diagnosing tuberculosis and predicting mortality with and without HIV: prospective TB cohort from the Thailand Big City TB Research Network. Int J Infect Dis. 2017 Apr 27. pii: S1201-9712(17)30129-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ijid.2017.04.017.